Tuesday, March 29, 2005


For local residents or travelers who love fireworks and are interested in seeing the world's best fireworkers show off their state of the art on the night's fine canvas, the International Symposium on Fireworks Society will be holding the 8th International Symposium on Fireworks at the Biwako Hotel during the day, from April 18 to 22 (Mon-Fri), then each night in a different location along the Lake various of the Symposium participants (Italy, England, Spain, Japan, China et al.) will show off 3000 of their latest firework designs - should be some very impressive fiery chops up there in the night sky and in some select locations. (The previous Symposium was held in Valencia, Spain, in 2003.) Unfortunately the above link is available only in Japanese, though the dates etc. can be extracted by all. [Contact me if I can be of help.] There's a link there to the Biwako Visitors' site, which has an English version, though - also oddly - no mention thus far of the Symposium. These folks should get on the ball, if they really want to merit their "international" claim.

For an intro to Lake Biwa in English, take A Journey to Lake Biwa.

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