Thursday, March 24, 2005


After a long Winter of carefully pondering the matter, during the beautiful days of last weekend I fashioned two large raised beds in the garden, carefully added compost, minerals and a bit of needed sand, leveled the beds off smooth as the finish on a loam Ferrari and planted some vegetables monkeys don't like (radishes and lettuce), watered them and stood back to enjoy my handiwork as I began the wait for some good Spring eating.

You can therefore imagine the huff of my flustery bluster when early yesterday morning I walked out of the house into the garden to dump some wood ash from the stove onto my next raised bed and there across the surface of the two new beds trailed the raking tracks of the cloven-hoofed Baron, who it appeared had been silently practicing the cervine tango till the wee hours.

I had thought that as the weather warmed, by now he'd have drifted to greener dance floors further upmountain; I hope this doesn't mean he's going to hang around here all year long.

Does anybody know how (without building a tall fence) to keep deer from dancing all over vegetables monkeys don't like?

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