Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I used to read the newspapers at the office when I went there, scarf them from the company mailbox before the admin folks upstairs got their hands on them, but those sly folks have circumvented that. As a result I haven’t read a newspaper for some time now, and I don’t miss the experience at all. And believe me, this is not sour print.

When I was reading newspapers each morning, I’d find myself looking for a link to more detail, or feeling the urge to enter the phrase in the search box, or wanting to ‘save’ an article or email it to someone I know would like to read it, but the dead tree just lay inert in my hands, spread out all over the desk, sections falling to the floor, the corners getting into my coffee.

Also I’d see items in the paper that were ‘new’ news I’d posted about or read about multiply and in great depth a day or two ago on the net. My news was newer. And a lot more fleshed out, with way more illustration and diversity of local and global varicultural opinion. Now I’m beginning to see stuff I posted or read about days ago on the net showing up as the latest news on tv. Is the tube next?

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