Wednesday, March 02, 2005


(For zone 6, PLM's equivalent)

* Start seeds indoors. Sterilize used containers in a 10% bleach solution. Read packet instructions to determine length of time for germination. Count backwards from the date you plan to transplant to calculate seed starting date.

* Cut back ornamental grasses that were left for winter interest.

* Apply dormant oil spray to fruit trees and deciduous shrubs and trees when the temperature rises above 50 degrees F to prevent scale and other problems.

* Check your lawnmower and other power tools to ensure that they are running properly. Repair shops will be very busy in a few weeks.

* Give the compost pile a good turning. I like to use my mini-tiller to mix up the pile thoroughly.

* Apply cottonseed meal, which is a good source of nitrogen, to azaleas and rhododendrons to give these plants a jump-start.

* I like to pot up new bareroot roses into two or three gallon pots to give them an opportunity to develop roots before planting into the garden. Keep the pots in a warm sunny location for 3-4 weeks.

* Cut butterfly bushes (buddleia) back to six to eight inches above the ground.

* Avoid walking on wet lawns or beds to control soil compaction.

From Organic Gardening newsletter

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