Wednesday, November 16, 2005


We have a small local wrought-iron firewood holder next to the woodstove, holds about a day’s wood supply, but during the winter we’ve been roughly stacking firewood against the wall out on the deck beside the door, where it wasn't too comfortable and wasn't solidly stackable.

But now we've got an outside firewood holder, and the best part is, it was scavenged! Some formerly firewooding person in a village down the road who has reverted to electric or gas heat kindly disassembled their large firewood holder and bundled it neatly together with a note on it to say what it was, then left it beside the road where Echo just happened to be taking a walk, so she went back with the van and got it.

When assembled, it's about 3 meters long and a meter or so high at the ends, and comfortably holds about half a cord of wood. Off the floor. Away from the wall. Near the door. Without the wood stack collapsing at the ends. No more twice a week or more shlepping out into the blizzard and staggering back in the teeth of the wind bearing a mere armload of wood; now I can slide open the door, step outside in my slippers and grab just enough wood for immediate needs, faster and easier than going to Harrods in the Bentley.


Dalene said...

This is how we do the stacked firewood, on the porch right outside the door, about a week's worth. It is handy indeed!
BTW, I love the word 'scavenged'. I do not know if it means I may have been a crow or a pirate in a former life, but it is a lively word, 'scavenged'.

Robert Brady said...

Scavenged is one of my favorite words too, and scavenging is one of my favorite activities. It's being a conscious and active part of a much bigger picture.

Dalene said...

My creativity skips, leaps and runs in abandon and glee in the world of the 'scavenged', much the same way my puppy does in an open mountain meadow. Oh! the serendipitous adventure of possibilities! "Scavenged' is the complete realm of transformation and innovation.

And repurposing is such a cool activity, there isn't a down side to it that I can think of, and it is so much fun.

Robert Brady said...

I have to get some posts in here about the year I spent scavenging-recycling-repurposing in the Berkeley City Landfill back in the early 70s, just before I came to Japan...(Morning Lace is the only such post so far...)

Mary Lou said...

SCORE!!! One mans trash is another mans treasure my Dad used to say. Hurray for your treasure!!