Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Public comments are now being accepted by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its newly proposed federal regulation regarding the testing of chemicals and pesticides on human subjects. For some reason, though, people keep objecting. According to its newly proposed rule, human subjects could include:
  • Children who "cannot be reasonably consulted," such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns may be tested on. With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.
  • Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.
  • Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S. are acceptable.
Words that would have further chilled the icicles of Himmler's heart. Number 2, seeking approval for further abuse of abused children, is particularly heartwarming. Number 3 means that my children and grandchildren would be acceptable for chemical and pesticide testing. The EPA folks better not come anywhere near those kids, or they'll be minus a few researchers.


Dalene said...

No, they are probably not going to go after your children, or grandchildren, or mine, or my neighbors. There are gazillions of desperately impoverished peoples around the globe they will target and exploit, and/or they will find the millions of orphaned and abandoned children of our world, and use them, because they think no one will be paying attention or care.
This kind of activity has been going on at least several generations now, that I know of. For example, my father was in the military, I believe they used him, along with many other young men, during the Marshall Island testing. No, the military did not warn these men, nor get their permission, beforehand.
Right after your heart breaks from the realization of how little humanity there can be in a human, you become determined to do whatever you can to prevent the monsterous inhumanity of some from succeeding in their latest endeavors. Thank you for keeping this out front, we really, really, really, cannot count on the mainstream media to report on anything it is not paid to report on. The Fourth Estate is gone.

Robert Brady said...

Profit hates to have a conscience.

HKMacs said...

Joseph Mengele would be proud of these stalwarts.