Thursday, November 17, 2005


As he later related on the news in Japanese, the head monk of Kinkakuji, when his temple was visited by the alleged president of the US, said to the professional vacationer “The world needs peace.” To which Bartcop's Worst President Ever gave the deeply considered one-word response: “Exactly.” Just as news about the use of white phosphorus on human beings in Iraq was boiling over in the world news. Exactly?


[Update from Ken Rodgers, at KJ: News reports claimed Bush received a "warm" welcome in Kyoto. Downtown on Tuesday evening, at least 800 protestors in several groups, fired up by Iraq, Okinawa, and global warming, marched the main streets, watched closely by many of the 5,600 police mobilized for the occasion. Best placard: "Kyoto Rejects You, Too." No mainstream coverage. Photos: via Kyoto Journal's news page.]


Anonymous said...

There's the tricky thing about words, two people might be using the same word, and yet --have very different ideas as to the definition of the word being used.

The Wizard Of Oz, the little man behind the curtain, that no one should have paid any attention to in the first place, and should stop paying attention immediately to, as in, open the curtain and send the little man home, has a definition for the word 'Exactly' that is different than what yours is, or mine is, or that of the head monk's.

We are not all working out of the same dictionary.

Robert Brady said...

I don't think the little man behind the curtain ever really used a dictionary.