Tuesday, April 14, 2009


TTER, now in beta, is our new social picoblogger messaging utility for staying hypermetaconnected with everyone else in real time by reducing the bulky and time-consuming 100-plus words about this very moment to a more manageable 20 character limit that only deals with genuine essences. No more fingerplodding for tedious seconds along the keyboard to tap out your text message to all the world about running out of sugar, or that new wart.

As we move beyond beta we'll be steadily intensifying your perceptions by miniaturizing the mundane in a series of planned decrements, from the revolutionary TTER to the neoinstantaneous TER, then the chronocrunching ER and on to the incredibly mere R, beyond which, for the good of all humankind on the go go go we will advance at last to the ultimate communication experience, which we hope will subsume the net and the world beyond in the complete absence of presence, where in optimal technomundanity you won't say a word, you'll just watch each other live, 24/7.

Initially, we'll call it PEEPER.


Anonymous said...

Funny- a classic.

Thanks for the laugh.


Bob Brady said...

You're most welcome, Cynthia. Now about my new wart...