Saturday, April 11, 2009


Musta been a monkey did this, there was no wind yesterday and that high firewood stack was straight and well built, I checked and tweeked it a week ago when the winds were strong, a monkey - must have been a big monkey - jumped down hard from one of the big cedars onto to the top of the stack, which was mostly oak and heavy, some beech and cherry in there, and had likely the surprise of his life when under the impact of his weight the entire solid precipice toppled with him on top and descending fast, the whole load no doubt sounding off like a giant marimba, the pieces clacking and whacking, bonging against each other as the whole thing settled into the high mound of randomized wood that I spotted this morning while I was watering the garlic, radishes, arugula and lettuce, that end of the garden, so as soon as I was finished watering I started rebuilding the interwoven vertical support end of the stack, using the big chunks of oak lying about, but it was getting to be hot work in the near-noon sun so I decided to finish the rest later, after we got back from our trip to soak up some vast seas of cherry blossoms.

That monkey's face woulda been great to see too.


ted said...

Bob Brady said...

Thanks, Ted. That turned my life around. From now on I'm gonna stop letting others pick out my t-shirts and wear the ones I chose.