Thursday, April 23, 2009


Yesterday, during the time I spent gardening, firewooding and rebuilding the stone wall, I estimate that I did a minimum of 100 squats and stands (planting and weeding), 20 leaps across rows, 50 heavy lifts (carrying rocks, wheelbarrowing, sacks of compost), 25 toe-touches (planting seeds), 50 left and 50 right lateral pulls (tilling), 50 overhead lifts (stacking firewood), 100 shovelings (dirt of stonewall and garden), a half hour of chainsawing and an hour of woodsplitting with a 3.2 kg splitting maul, all while walking and climbing a few kilometers in the process. Wonder if there's a gym I didn't have to travel to that could give me all that amidst actual birdsong in fresh mountain air and sunshine, for free, plus fresh organic vegetables and a new stone wall...

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