Monday, April 27, 2009


Cleaning off some garden nets on this cold, cloudy and rainy but sometimes abruptly sunny morning great for rainbow surprises, I turned to scan the scene and decide on my next garden task when I saw, about 200 meters away, over the long slope of rice paddies terracing down toward the Lake, a cloud of large hawks - with those broad wings they can make quite a cloud - circling and diving all in one area, taking sudden turns diving out of sight behind a ridge-- likely a farmer over there tilling a paddy.

I love watching hawks, they make great eye food. There's also a centering magic in seeing the way they know the sky by heart, the way they show the invisible wisdom of the air itself in how they tweak their wings to ride it with such cavalier grace. I just stood there watching, finally letting my sleevepulling mind go gliding and diving on its own wings amidst the hawks, there against the green swoop of the mountainside.

Next task? What next task?


Suzann said...

Swooping with you and your wonderful always I am grateful to visit here.

Bob Brady said...

Thanks, Suzann; always nice to know you were here and enjoyed a visit...