Saturday, May 22, 2004


I did a post on May.19 about Rick Perlstein's article on Bush and the end-time Apocalyptics, and yesterday received this letter from Rick to my blog email (exactly as received except for quotation mark adjustments):

"Friend, forgive me for taking advantage of a one-time rift in the time-space continuum--my happening upon a story, about the George Bush's romance with apocalyptic Christians, linked by every blog in the world--to do some self promotion.

My book on the rise of the conservative movement, BEFORE THE STORM: BARRY GOLWATER AND THE UNMAKING OF THE AMERICAN CONSENSUS, has been very well received.

The reviewer in The Nation wrote: 'I've read Before the Storm twice and intend to go on reading it, as my opiate, as long as Bush is in the White House.... Before the Storm is the story of such a fascinating era and Perlstein is such a great storyteller--one of the most enjoyable historians I've read--that I guarantee for a while you will simply forget the dreariness of today's politics.'

In the Village Voice: 'Daring, virtuosic writing, and encyclopedic mastery make the book's title and its Goldwater focus inadequate to all Perlstein accomplishes. This is an exciting volume, an outstanding debut. It goes beyond conservatism. It ups the ante on what popular history can, and should, do.'

OK. Enough. I'm blushing. If you liked 'The Jesus Landing Pad: Bush White House checked with rapture Christians before latest Israel move,' you'll, um, love BEFORE THE STORM.

Warm personal regards,
Rick Perlstein"

Wonder if he read the daring, virtuosic writing, and encyclopedic mastery that is my blog.


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