Monday, May 24, 2004


The other night just around Kaya's bedtime, as she was asking to go out into the night with the flashlights and look for frogs and bugs and salamanders, she was pointing out the big front window to where it was all happening and there on the outside of the pane right where she was pointing was a frog on the hunt for the bugs that were attracted to the light from inside the we got out the flashlight and went close to look at the underside of a frog and the frog paid no attention to us vague shapes beneath him like vague depths in the earth, but went about his business as a flexible piece of jade, a soft gem moving about the big smooth window in pursuit of all the delicacies that one by one came to light. His pink tongue, his long-fingered feet with the round gems at the ends; his turning here and there, like all his actions, were magic things to Kaya's brand-new eyes. To mine as well, slightly used...


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