Sunday, May 30, 2004


I'm soon to be 64 years old, and all I hear about on the US senior sites and in senior news here in Japan as well is DRUGS this DRUGS that, drug cards, medicare, drug bills, all spoken of as though it's the most natural thing in the world to have multiple serious diseases in 'old' age and to take dozens of drugs for them, and make routine visits to the drugstore (or Canada). I shake my head in amazement (without pain, BTW). I wonder when the medical agencies and the drug companies are going to kill the generational goose that is laying these big golden eggs, i.e., collectively do what healers should do: PREVENT illness, teach people to minimize their need for doctors. Don't hold your breath.

As I say, I'm soon to be 64 and I can't remember the last time I bought a prescription drug, or what it could have been; if I did, I must have been in my 20s, before I opened my eyes and became a 98% vegetarian, stopped smoking for ten years, relapsed a couple times, now a few cigars a year or so, cut back on sugar 90% and took vitamin supplements (e. g., vitamins a, c, 400 iu of vitamin e daily, minerals), for nearly 40 years now. No illnesses of any severity during that time, no hospital, no sign anymore of the traumatic disc rupture I suffered about 10 years ago after working on this house. Six feet tall still, 80 kg; wearing just a shirt and jeans wiped out on my motorcycle at the age of 57, hit the road fast and hard on elbow, shoulder and hip, no breaks, hip bruised, bruised/abraded elbow and shoulder, healed in days, rubbed vitamin e on. Drugs? Articles like this amaze me. Minimize the coffee! Quit the fast food! Minimize the meat and sugar! Minimize or quit smoking! Stay away from hospitals! Get some natural exercise! Why budget your pension to pay for drugs (more toxins)? Take your health into your own hands!

And then there's the bucket'o'fries aspect...


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