Saturday, May 01, 2004



As the Bush Family war in Iraq crawls through exploding Fallujah alleyways toward its successful conclusion a year and counting since the loquacious one turned a carrier around to declare the war ended in Baghdad streets strewn with rose petals upon which Iraqis are still dancing in the embrace of democracy at the hands of their purely altruistic liberators, we take pause to note that many in big money are disappointed that a few small unsavory and quite irrelevant truths have been revealed, such as the mistreating of Iraqi prisoners by systematically desensitized US military personnel (surprise!!), and the fact that US personnel who have been killed in action can not only be blatantly enumerated on television-- which is bad enough-- they also have names that can be treacherously enunciated and even photographs that can be unpatriotically shown (surprise!!) (get 'em off the air, Sinclair!!), in patent disregard of all the fundamental truths the Bush family is gunning for in Iraq, such as that, well, Dubya really cares about people, especially the Iraqians, just like his father did (pay no attention to those numbers and names, those flag-draped coffins, those naked Iraqi prisoners etc.); also there are an awful lot of gas-hungry SUVs in the US, then there's patriotism under God and the second amendment-- Hell, can't we just buy our way out of this? We're trying, but there' s nowhere to send the money yet; would you believe it, there are fanatics out there who are convinced that some things are more important?

Like the upcoming US presidential election.

With thanks to Ron Andrews.

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