Tuesday, May 04, 2004


We were planning on going to the annual open-air beach flea market at Omimaiko, where all sorts of countryside treasures are to be found (there's also a big antique market ongoing at Hieizan-Sakamoto May 2~5), which latter town and temple amazingly STILL have no decent website or netphotos to show even a fraction of their beauty!!

We wanted to go to both events, but yesterday was too busy, then the rain set in during the night and now has its long wet legs planted firmly on the earth and taking very small strides, doesn't look like it's about to move on anytime soon, busy sending up big ragged gouts of clouds from the streamvales.

As for where we are right now, though, the beans are happy, as are the radishes, lettuce, ginger and mushrooms; the plum, cherry and peach are bouncing in glee, the ducks in the paddies are quacking in joyous syncopation with the froggy chorus and the monkeys are miserable, so I'm really happy.

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