Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Yesterday morning on the (electric) train to the city, toward the end of the journey I held in my hand the small compass I have on my backpack and watched it as the train went along. When the train turned toward the left or right, the compass naturally turned oppositely. But when, traveling straight ahead, the train accelerated or decelerated, the compass also moved considerably in the resulting electromagnetic field surge/wane. It was the big electric motors dynamo-ing right underneath my seat.

This made me wonder if we thousands of folks on the train were undergoing one big collective MRI, or what. Not to mention the hyperversion of these effects on the very powerful Shinkansen, or the as-yet undetermined health effects of electromagnetic fields. I myself have felt no untoward effects, other than glowing in the dark and having x-ray vision in one eye. Anybody out there know anything about the electromagnetic/physiological aspects of riding electric trains for 20 years?

[The standard commute is a killer...]


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