Saturday, October 09, 2004


Here's a foto of the workspace whence I blog from Pure Land Mountain, in belated response to the request posted rather ago at the always excellent feral, for bloggers to send in pics of their workspaces, but it was only later that I remembered and only later photographed, only later photoshopped and only later put this together for only later posting; so here only later, as eclectic as the process, is the eclectic result.

Included in the foto are Cheap Thrills, Jazz Greats, the Jabberwock, Fukurokuju, Daruma, Shih tzu, Harpo, Mr. Natural, Charley Patton, a can of God, Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill, Ebisu, Kannon, Zappa, Blake, Warhol, Neitzche, Thelonius, Einstein, Lenny Bruce, Robert Johnson and Jimi Hendrix. Not included in the foto are Benten, Kerouac, Chet Baker, Siva, Dylan and Ganarpati.

Time and order matter little in such surroundings...


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