Friday, October 08, 2004


My very half-hearted apologies to those who, for whatever frankly incomprehensible reason, might take offense at the unmistakably antibush symbol that, until November 3-- when the buffeted ship of the world will or will not be rid of a very large and very loose cannon-- is thus prominently placed over all here at Pure Land Mountain, even above my house while it’s getting a new roof.

Indeed, the roofers complained, until I raised the thing a bit higher so as to be out of their way; as well, my neighbors and some folks down in the village have asked me about that large, clearly political object hovering there so eye-catchingly above my house, the red-circle-with-slash across-the-odious-name so prominent against the sky that can be seen for kilometers around and indeed may pose a safety hazard by distracting drivers on the highway below, not to mention being an obstacle to passenger planes flying overhead on their way to Korea, China and Mongolia and back.

But I say to them (about 2 to 1 antibush), as to all: what could be a greater hazard to everything than Bush, or a greater obstacle to successful arrival at any of humanity’s noble destinations? To this I think that all but the basically incomprehensible will agree. To the large comprehensible majority I say, just about daily between now and November 2, when the voting die is cast: ANYONE BUT BUSH.


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