Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Fortunately we didn't get earthquaked here at all, though we do have a fault of our own. Heard from Kasumi though, who lives in Saitama, not so far from the tragedies in Niigata, about her experience. At earthquake time she was driving along in their van with Kaya at her side and the twins in the back when suddenly the road seemed much bumpier than she remembered, though it looked much the same. Then she noticed that the street signs and poles were beginning to sway. They got home all right, where they soon experienced the series of strong aftershocks, at each of which Kasumi and the kids dove under the kitchen table. Kaya, who will soon be 4, knew enough to take it seriously; the one-year old twins had a grand time getting under the table with their mother over and over. They keep wanting to do it again.

At night, when all is at its most quiet, I sometimes hear, far down in the earth, long moving rumbles so deep that they can't be felt, only heard; they go on for a long moment, traversing the very limits of hearing like a subway train traveling far far below... we live on a living thing...

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