Saturday, October 30, 2004


On mornings when I have to go into the city to the office, my still abed mind would rather stay there and zone, but on mornings when I'll be at home my mind is the first thing up, wants to start me up too, get me afoot, set me in motion, primes the pump with how-to thoughts about that storm-broken oak limb that has to be cut down and either made into shiitake logs or firewood, the eaves that have to be painted, the spinach and turnips planted, downed wood salvaged, kindling made, compost spread, chimney cleaned, rocks walled, sunshine walked in, chestnuts gathered, roof inspected, wildings harvested, sunny lake water gazed at etc. When at home, mind, body and spirit are at one, naturally interwoven, physical and exultant, eager as a flower; but gloomy as a zoo animal at the prospect of being in an office all the liveday long...

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