Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Yes, you read that right: #23. Here we are with a half-finished roof, put on during three straight days of sunshine would you believe it, and wouldn’t you know it to the very same extent, the vast and vortexy typhoon hypergoddess is largessing us with another windy baptism, # 23 for the year, another record broken, with number 24 following right behind it and subsequent progeny lining up in curlicues all the way across the Pacific to Florida, it would seem. The torrents of rain could soon qualify ours as a rain forest; it’s raining so hard even the Lake is getting wet. If things go on like this, the poor bears are going to be eating their shoes.

Bloomberg says this is the 27th typhoon of the season, so I don't know who to believe about the typhoon population, but is that a lot of wind or what? BTW the typhoon is named Tokage (lizard).

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