Thursday, September 08, 2005


"Finally, America will have to get over the shock of seeing itself in a new, unflattering light. It is not just the lawlessness, violence and gun culture that has been on show in New Orleans. It is also that America likes to think of itself as the "indispensable nation", the strongest, richest, most capable country on the face of the earth.

That belief had already taken a few blows. The vulnerability exposed on 9/11 was one. The struggle in Iraq - where America has become a Gulliver, tied down - was another. But now the giant has been hit again, its weak spot exposed. When corpses float in the streets for five days, the indispensable nation looks like a society that cannot take care of its own. When Sri Lanka offers to send emergency aid, the humiliation is complete."

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w/thanks to A. P.

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enigma4ever said...

I saw this articale, and I hoped and prayed that Bush would be smart enough- or "handled" enough to behave himself at the UN this week- perhaps be humble, apologetic, even grateful for all the extraordinary offers that came forth- but no he was arrogant and angry as usual...anyone that has studied history can see that this regime is ill- dangerous...and yes, the humiliation is complete....I am thinking of moving...