Friday, September 16, 2005


First the NOLA disaster was all in the hands of a guy who used to monitor horse shows for a living. Got kicked outta disaster management not for abject inexperience, wide-ranging incompetence or offensive lack of empathy, but for resume problems. Then they put NOLA in the hands of the guy who called for duct tape and plastic sheeting as a defense against anyminutenow bioterror, which there’s been a lot of. Now, to sludge along in that same sclerotic vein, the whole NOLA reconstruction effort is underway and what pale male is gonna be in charge? Who’s yer daddy?


"So here is the White House's Katrina Plan in a nutshell: block any independent examination of its failings, put the Einstein of damage control in charge of reconstructing New Orleans, keep the dead bodies out of sight, try to get away with general platitudes and palliatives, offer watered-down acceptances of 'responsibility' while trying to pin everything you can on local yokels and fall guys like Brownie, and let Bush's corporate cronies get fat on hefty no-bid reconstruction contracts.

So get ready for the New New Orleans -- Karl Rove's Big Easy -- featuring the Halliburton French Quarter, the ExxonMobil River (formerly the Mississippi), Lake MBNA (formerly Pontchartrain), and Eli Lilly music (formerly jazz)." Source


Chancy said...

and rename New Orleans "The Big Easy Pickings"

"Easy Pickings"

The title of this piece might seem to be no more than a comment on the ease with which the flats, mugs, suckers, punters, marks, gulls, or coneys could be relieved of their money. But the term itself comes from an old sense of pick meaning “to steal” (the term pickpocket comes from the same source). So easy pickings were things it wasn’t difficult to thieve.
And the moral of my story is to be very careful around such gamesters. Don’t take any wooden nickels, now!"


Tabor said...

Excellent post. I would only add that we will probably get the Las Vegas version of French MacMansions since the people with the money seem to have no taste.

Robert Brady said...

Money just buys mass taste.