Tuesday, September 20, 2005


"But in a larger sense, the administration's lethally inept response to Hurricane Katrina had a lot to do with race. For race is the biggest reason the United States, uniquely among advanced countries, is ruled by a political movement that is hostile to the idea of helping citizens in need.

Race, after all, was central to the emergence of a Republican majority: essentially, the South switched sides after the passage of the Civil Rights Act. Today, states that had slavery in 1860 are much more likely to vote Republican than states that didn't.

And who can honestly deny that race is a major reason America treats its poor more harshly than any other advanced country? To put it crudely: a middle-class European, thinking about the poor, says to himself, 'There but for the grace of God go I.' A middle-class American is all too likely to think, perhaps without admitting it to himself, 'Why should I be taxed to support those people?'"

Tragedy in Black and White

"(Brownie You're Doing a) Heck of a Job" Harry Shearer song, MP3 format
(w/thanks to Nils)


Anonymous said...

Huge problem with this analysis:
Quick: In America are there more black people or white people living in poverty??
You answered 'Black'? Wrong!
The poverty percentage is higher among Blacks, but the total is much lower.
White: 240,000 vs. Black 80,000

The White poverty totals are also higher than all 'non-white' combined. These are deplorable stats, but a "middle-class American" (who may be Black or Asian or hispanic or ?? by the way!!) has a better chance of seeing a white poor family.

Robert Brady said...

Race IS a major reason America treats its poor more harshly than any other advanced country. The fact that many (or even most) of those poor are white doesn't mitigate the reality.