Saturday, June 05, 2004


Who has lived in Japan and doesn't have a thing for Daruma, the distant father of Zen Buddhism? Who has lived here around Oshogatsu (New Year) time and not painted in the first eye of the Daruma until their wish came true, then gave Daruma his other eye? This is to say nothing of Zen itself, about which Zen itself says nothing with enlightening clarity. There is a point here. Gabi Greve, a resident of Japan and cosmic Daruma focal point, has founded Darumasan-Japan, a growing group of Daruma-minded individuals from around the world, offering a depth of Daruma/Japan (and related) lore that's a source of illuminating nourishment for the expanding soul. For further enlightenment, visit/join Darumasan-Japan here.


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Gabi Greve said...

Hi Bob san,
just found your BLOG and my Daruma photo! Great to see an old friend!

He is in my Daruma Museum now!

. DARUMA Museum, Japan .