Saturday, June 05, 2004


"The economic recovery is here to stay"


"The average dividend on these 28 stocks is 2.04%--taxable. Whoopee! Even the lying government says we are having more inflation that that. We are probably having 12-15% inflation, or more. If you own one of the 28, you'd be paying taxes on a 2.04% average dividend.


What's a poor soul to do? Save? Hardly. At least not in decreasing dollars at 1% or less in taxable interest. Stocks? Not for me at a 2.04% return, which is taxable. It is said by those in the know, that CEO's are disposing of their stock in their own corporations as fast as they can, without being obvious. Me buy, when they're selling? No way. The insecurity we are now experiencing, is severe to those in the know. To the ignoramuses, all is well."

From The Dow 30 by Don Stott


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