Monday, June 21, 2004


Then a couple hours later I get a phone call from Echo now in Kyoto, to say that the typhoon has hit there and to get ready, it should be here in an hour or so, so batten down; I run outside to check everything like under a shower in a strong wind (umbrellas are useless and time of the essence), instantly drenched with cedar-scented rain bullets, definitely refreshing to max out on negative ions as I move things out of harms way, don't want anything coming through the windows, we'll be getting the strong part of the wind here. Typhoons turn counterclockwise in this hemisphere and the eye will pass just north of us, so we'll be getting the speed of the typhoon moving northeast on top of the northerly wind speed of the typhoon's easterly half, which will add about 25% to the already considerable airy velocity. Here's hoping we don't lose any shingles or maybe a roof. Already the hiss of rain and howl of wind are too loud for me to talk to myself. Maybe I should have let the typhoon blow over that woodpile...


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