Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Out here in the Japanese countryside there aren't any movie theater guards with handcuffs, there aren't even any movie theaters. I don't know how we survive out here with just trees and flowers, rivers, lakes, wild animals, genuine weather and distant neighbors-- the most exciting thing happening right now where I live is the plums ripening. Nothing like standing under the plum tree in the cool of the morning and having a couple of sweet ones for breakfast.

We saved a lot of plums from the ravages of the scoundrelly simians in the Battle of the Big Plum Job-- detailed a few posts ago-- thanks to the advanced rock-propulsion system we've developed during the million years of struggle between sapience and simiance (a struggle still ongoing in politics).

Right after that engagement I picked a couple of basketfuls of ripening plums, just in case the furry marauders returned, but I couldn't reach the ones high up, which are now hanging there ripening in the sun, like the finest rubies in perfectly complementary greenness. Beautiful. Whoever designed plum trees sure knew what she was doing.


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