Saturday, June 26, 2004


"Michael Moore's film will snap that hypnosis, but good. Those Americans who believed what their President told them because they saw it on the TV will, after less than two hours in their local theater, look at both their television and their President with doubt and loathing when they walk from the darkness into the bright light of day. There are millions of Americans who believed what they were told - about 9/11, about Iraq, about George W. Bush himself - who will come into that bright light with the realization that they have been lied to.

From Thank You, Michael Moore

By William Rivers Pitt


Day-after addendum: "In its opening weekend Fahrenheit topped the box office, taking $8.2 million. It opened in only 868 cinemas nationwide. For comparison, the much-hyped movie White Chicks, which opened at the same time but in a total of 2726 cinemas, took $6.7m.

"The online ticket service says Fahrenheit 9/11 had 48% of all advance ticket sales, compared to just 2% for Spider-Man 2....

"One Texan moviegoer said: 'Living in Houston, heart of Bush country, my whole family including in-laws piled into three cars and went to the opening... we were surprised to find the showing sold out at the first theatre, but managed to find seats at the second we tried.

'We loved the movie, which gave us real hope that freedom and democracy will return to this great country in November [at the presidential election]. The audience gave a long ovation at the end.'"

[Even later:

"According to exit surveys in about 15 cities, 91 percent of respondents gave the film an 'excellent' rating, while 93 percent said they would 'definitely recommend' the film -- tallies that Ortenberg said were the best he had ever seen. The core audience was aged between 25 and 34..."


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