Tuesday, June 15, 2004


The nights the nights what food they are, especially the evening part, especially around here as we approach the solstice when the days are nearing their longest and linger well into star and moon time like tonight when I was coming home up the mountain and the DaVinci part of God had clearly been put in charge of the texture of the light-- the way it filled the sky and draped over the mountains like a dropped angel's cloak-- and the Rousseau part of God had been assigned the surfaces and textures, vegetation and animal life-- resulting in a sort of naive voluptuousness and sensual playfulness to the curves and bulges of the ripe mountains-- the entire masterwork there on display but for one evening only, and completely unadvertised, an artistic achievement that would have made the Louvre forget it had walls, if it could have been here and not stuck in the city...

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