Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Echo made this for dinner last night, it's a sort of Japano-Mediterranean macro-nouveau summer salad derived from our travels and healthy cooking explorations. Complete in protein yet vegetarian, as a full-meal summer salad it satisfies on all counts, from flavor to mouthfeel to good health. What's more it's flexible, easy and you can tweak it as your cravings and cupboard require. Basically, combine tweakily:

Cold soba noodles (properly boiled)
Carrots (e.g., quartered slices, boiled very briefly to soften)
Quartered onion slices
Quartered Cucumber slices
Briefly boiled snow peas
Boiled (soft) chickpeas
Broken macadamia nuts

(you can wing it w/all except soba; the chickpeas and nuts complete this version, though)

Mix dressing of:

Sesame oil (in quantity accommodated to volume of above)
Kurozu (if you can get it, for its superb depth of flavor; balsamic would be ok) to taste, re oil quantity
Bit of mayonnaise (if desired) to taste re above two ingredients
Salt, herbs as desired

Add dressing, toss; sprinkle top with ground sesame seeds; serve.


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