Friday, June 25, 2004


Well for SIX MONTHS now, that Special Prosecutor and his many assistants have been scouring the White House for the traitor who leaked the name of covert CIA op Valerie Plame, but they just can't seem to find out who, among the at most three people who had access to the info, committed treason against the United States of America for political gain. Traitors in the Bush administration appear to have something in common with WMDs in Iraq.

Of course the Prosecutor KNOWS that Robert Novak, who knowingly exposed Plame in his column, thereby committed treason. Wonder if he'll be prosecuted for what he in fact did. And of course Novak knows his source. No one seems to be focusing on Novak though, he must be too close the actual answer. But then he's clearly on the side of an administration that's still looking for WMDs in Iraq, so maybe Novak will never be found either. They are looking everywhere else, though, and at great length...

Washington is a strange place, but no matter what strings the Dubya marioneteers pull on this one, you can bet the intelligence community will not allow another term from this administration.


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